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online Musik: Alvaro Soler La Cintura Feat Flo Rida Tini

Künstler: Alvaro Soler
Titel: La Cintura (feat. Flo Rida & TINI)
Album: La Cintura (Remix) [feat. Flo Rida & TINI] - Single
Genre: Pop Latino

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Álvaro Tauchert Soler (born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain on 9 January 1991) is a Spanish singer-songwriter. He gained great fame all over Europe with his 2015 hit "El Mismo Sol". A special bilingual Spanish / English version of "El Mismo Sol (feat. Jennifer Lopez)" was also made vying for international release in the United States, UK and worldwide. Born in Barcelona to a German father and a Spanish mother, he became multilingual at a young age.

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